Quality Window Installation in Fargo, ND & Detroit Lakes, MN

Quality Window Installation in Fargo, ND & Detroit Lakes, MN

Window Installation for Beautiful Curb Appeal

At Zulauf Construction, we install windows in a wide range of styles and quality materials to match your home's style and fit your budget. We work with leading window manufacturers to be able to offer only the best products and warranties.

No matter what your reason for installing your new windows, whether it's greater comfort and energy efficiency, less maintenance or improved appearance (or all of the above), we can help you choose the perfect replacement windows to solve all your needs.

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Window Frame Material Options for New Window Installations in Fargo, ND & Detroit Lakes, MN

Whether you want to replace your existing windows with the same frame material or you're interested in a different material, we offer a wide selection of options and materials to make it easy to match your home's design. Here are the most common types of window material we work with:

  • Vinyl Windows: Vinyl windows offer excellent energy efficiency and durability at an affordable price. Contact us to speak with our window contractor and learn more about our vinyl window installation options.
  • Wood Windows: Interior wood frames combined with exterior aluminum provides timeless beauty, durability and excellent insulative value. Zulauf Construction can replace your current windows with beautiful, energy-efficient wood windows that are made to last for decades.
  • Fiberglass Windows: Fiberglass windows are extremely energy efficient and can provide the look of painted wood in a high-performance design. Interested in fiberglass windows for your window installation project? Discuss your options with our window contractor today!


Countless Benefits for New Window Installation in Your Fargo, ND & Detroit Lakes, MN Area Home

New window installation can give your home the look and comfort you crave, with the added bonus of potential savings on your energy bills. Proper window installation can also drastically increase the value of your home. Here are some other great benefits:

  • Fewer drafts: Single-pane windows are often drafty and they are the least energy efficient. New windows are better built to reduce drafts and improve the comfort of your home, no matter the season.
  • Less maintenance: Old painted windows require regular maintenance. New windows are made from vinyl or a composite that is not only more durable, but also virtually maintenance-free. Newer windows rarely need to be painted and are much easier to keep clean.
  • Reduced noise: New windows can not only reduce the amount of sound entering your home from the outside, but can also reduce the amount of noise that comes out of your house. 
  • Energy saving: Replacing your old, drafty single-pane windows can save you hundreds on your annual heating and cooling costs! Talk to our window contractor today to discuss how new window installation can help save you money.
  • Added security: Most new windows are tested for forced entry and are designed with multiple locks to improve the safety and security of those inside the home.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: New windows can improve your home's appearance, both inside and out. There are many window styles and trim styles available to compliment the architecture of both your home and your personal style. 

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